Titan - 2010 Quarter Horse gelding standing at 15.1 hands with lots of legs and still growing... This is a gorgeous buckskin (Dunskin) colt with 3 stocking and a flashy blaze. Super flashy colt with lots of crome! We do not have registration papers on Titan. Titan is a really nice mover with the slow legged western jog, but can move out into that nice English trot and cover some ground if needed. He has a really nice natually low head and collected slow lope.  He is super comfortable to ride in all 3 gates. He is calm and easy going but will moved out when asked. He is athletic and will be an asset to any rider and most riding levels. Titan was started under saddle March 15th 2013 and has been a blast to get going. Titan is doing awesome at the walk, trot, lope in the round pen and in the big arena... He has been rode bareback, in the dark, has been to mounted shooting practice (GREAT with gun shots), has been on a few trail rides, has been arounds kids, 4-wheelers and dogs. We rode him at the Idaho Horse Expo with only 30 days bareback and bridleless... 
Update - Winter 2013 - Well this colt will hold a very special place in our hearts... He has proven to be everything and more to this family... Heather has started him on spins and slide stops and hopes to make him her next reining horse... We took him hunting in October 2013 and he didn't miss a beat... Carried his gun, packs, and even carried out a 1/2 and elk... Sianna and Kinsley are both able to ride him and he is so careful with them... Watch out because this guy is going places and the sky is the limit on this one... One of the nicest horses we have ever owned!
Update - Summer 2014 - Titan is just filling in everywhere we need him. He is doing great with spins and slide stops. Super nice reiner if Heather could just find time to put a few finishing touches on him. He is doing awesome with the kids and has picked up the slack and is giving beginner riding lessons with summer. He just does it call and acts like he has done it for years!
For more information feel free to contact us at anytime... 208-602-1213 or our E-mail is hmgable@gmail.com.
 Titan Videos
April 2013 - Titan and the kids - Sianna (5) and Kinsley (2)
April 2013 - Titan & Brandon over the bridge and tarp.
April 2013 - Bareback & Bridleless
 April 2013 - Titan & Heather Practicing Bareback and Bridleless
 Summer 2012 -  Titan & Brooke (5'8")
Summer 2012 - Great pictures of Titan and Brooke over the 4th of July Weekend! 
 Falls 2012 - Titan turns 3 December 29th, 2012
April 2013 - Titan after 30 days under saddle
December 2013 - Titan pulling the sled with the girls.
 April 2013 - Brandon and Titan enjoying the great spring weather!
April 2013 - Titan hanging out with Sianna for pictures.
Spring 2014 - Kinsley & Titan... Sparkle & Sianna.. Owyhee Mountains Camping
 April 2013 - Just hangin out in the sun!
 Summer 2012 - A few pictures of Titan with his summer coat.
 Fall 2012 - A few pictures of Titan in September 2012.
 Falls 2012 - Nice straight legs and great feet.