Tango was a 2008 registered APHA gelding.  He stood at 15.1 hands at just 2 years old. Both sire and dam stood right at 16 hands. Tango was started in July 2010.  He was a really nice and very easy project.  Tango was rode and completely started by a 15 year old girl.  Tango was green and young, but had been nothing but perfect in every way.  He had been rode at the walk, trot, and lope bareback, he had been on a few trail rides, had been swimming, and he had the basic arena start... Tango was great to shoe, bath, load, clip, lung, saddle, etc.  He was up to date on all vaccinations, he is healthy, and no scars or old injuries.  Tango was not a spooky horse at all and if anything is a little too friendly. He got along with all other horses and was unconcerned with other riding buddies even ones he didn't know.  Tango was also good by himself and did not stress about being alone and in fact he didn't stress about anything.  He had no bad habbits, had no issues or concerns, and was ready to find a great new home with almost any kind of rider.  Tango was easy to ride and seemed to really like to move into to lope, but he was not spirited and in my opinion would be best suited for 4-H, trails, hunting, english, jumping, ranch work, roping, etc. Check out the videos and pictures below.  All videos taken September 4th 2010. New arena and he hadn't been ridden for 3 weeks.  He was a super star!
UPDATE: Tango was sold to a great couple in Sweet Idaho. They are planning to finish out his training and use him as a ranch horse.  They work on a full time ranch and were looking for a horse they could bring along to be a great ranch gelding that would include branding, doctoring, and of course lots of trail time.  This is a great home for Tango and we are very excited to hear how he matures in the next few years...
UPDATE: We plan on visiting Tango this summer as the weather gets better.  We have heard he is doing fabulous and can't wait to go visit the ranch and maybe be a part of the ranch help for the day...
Video Links

July 2010 our first time in water!


July 2010 Tango's 2nd ride.


September 2010. Tango stands at 15.1 and about 1,100 lbs.


September 2010.  Getting Ready to go to WORK!


July 2008. Tango and his Mom. Mom is 16 hand APHA mare.





September 2010. What a handsome boy!


                                                 September 2010. Close up of his legs.
                                    July 2010 Taking a little Swim at Celebration Park.

September 2010. 4 weeks on these new shoes. Tango did awesome for shoer.


July 2008. Tango and is Mom.