Marley is a 2006 Registered AQHA Gelding. Marley stands at 16.2 hands and probably close to 1600 lbs. He is a nice mover and I would say he fits mostly into the category for western pleasure / all around.  He has flat knees, a natual slow trot, and a collected slow lope. Marley can move like an English horse too and has a HUGE extended trot and hand gallop. A really nice mover (English & Western) with a great easy going attitude.  Marley is super sweet, no issues what so ever, and an excellent 4-H, Open and Breed Show horse. I would consider him the ideal all around horse.
Marley is great in the arena moving off leg, gives to the bridle, holds frame, neck reining, and starting lead changes.  He has done tack rein bareback and bridless. I have 2 videos one recently and one from when he was 4 years old. (See Video Below). Marley jumps easily around a 2 foot 9 jumping course and seems un phazed by new or different obsticles or going higher. He has absolutely no buck, rear, pull back even with alot of time off. He has been used extensively during hunting season and has carried a HUGE pack and we have also packed game out on him. He is great in all terrain and I would consider him a bulldozen on the trail..  Besides this, Marley has done alot of other things like gone swimming, been a part of a drill team, been used to move cows, been used for beginner riding lessons, etc.  Our family is trying our hand at mounted shooting and so far Marley has done very well. We have been playing with mounted shooting but he isn't finished in the shooting area. He has the speed and would be an excellent level 6 shooter.  Issues are pretty limited with this one, but I would say that Marley looses concentration and day dreams a bit more than I like with inexperienced riders.  He really isn't a spooky horse, but just more of a horse that needs to be reminded that he needs to concentrate on the task at hand. Marley also had a hoof injury at 2 years old (no scar).  He has never had an issue with this foot, foot was x-rayed, and he is completely sound, but it would be something to discuss with a possible buyer for maintenance purposes. Marley has amazing conformation and no scars what so ever.  Check out some of the videos and pictures below... 

Note - There are videos of Marley all over this website... Check out our hunting page and other pages for more videos... I have tried to put most everything here, but I am missing some videos...
Summer 2010. Bareback and Bridles. Horse Camp.  What a Star!
Sianna & Marley Fall 2009.
October 2009. Our overnight hunting trip.  Marley was AWESOME!

Fall 2009. Our First Deer. Marley was AMAZING the entire trip.


Summer 2010. Our Very First Show. Showmanship.


Summer 2010. Hardest Trail Class Ever! Marley did AWESOME!



June 2012  - National Anthem - See video on horse camp page.



















Fall 2009. Just hanging out 1 early morning.


Fall 2009. What a cute head!



Summer 2010. We are down town getting a milkshake at local cafe'



2010 Marley Giving "Pony" Rides to Kids. 

                                    2010 Summer Time Swim! What a Blast!

Summer 2010. Hunter Under Saddle. Our First Show Ever!

                                       Summer 2011 - What a Fearless Jumper!


 2009 helping a friend pack out an elk.


2009 our first buck! 2 point we are so proud!

2009 Overnight hunting trip!