Lady is a 2005 Registered AQHA mare.  She stands at about 14.3 hands.  Lady is bred for reining and working cow horse.  Her breeding includes Peppy San Bager and Doc O'Lena.  Lady is a super nice mare with alot to offer.  She has professional reining training and is doing wonderful in all manuevers. Even though reining is what Lady was bred to do, this horse has done everything for us and is a true all around horse.  Lady has also been rode by kids and is an excellant horse for a youth with some experience. Lady has been rode by my daughter since Sianna was 2 years old. Lady has been trail rode, carried a decker pack saddle, been swimming, been rode bareback, been in parades, been jumped over a 2 foot 6 course, rode with only a tack rein, and has even had the opportunity to get in the water along the ocean coast. This fall we started mounted shooting and so far Lady is doing amazing.  We are starting to shoot a course and going to practices. She is doing fantastic accepting the gun and I can't wait till we get good enough to actually do a competition. Lady is put together very well with very nice conformation and straight as an arrow legs. No scars or any lameness issues. She is way more than just another reining horse.  Lady has it all!  Lady would be a great all around horse and would do well at any event with her athletic ability and honesty. The sky is the limit!
Summer 2009. Pretty Black Color....
August 2009 Trip to the Oregon Coast.  She loved the water.

October 2009 Hunting Trip. Lady Carring our Pack Saddle!


                                             July 2010 Let Go Swimming!
June 2012 - National Anthem - See video on Horse Camp Page
June 2012 - Sianna & Lady having fun after our big show!

Summer 2009. What A Beautiful Girl!


August 2009 Cheyanne Jumping Lady Bareback!

July 2009 Sianna Kissing Lady. Sianna was 18 months!



2010 Bareback & Bridless. See above video! Pretty Cute Pair!


September 2010. Trail Class. Opening Gate. Lady and Carrissa were perfect!



June 2012 - Sianna & Carrissa Spinning on Lady