Horse Camp


We used to do an annual horse camp every June.  This camp was free to kids other than the cost of food.  Horse camps run about 6 days total. We would love for you to bring your own horse for the week..  Kids and horses stay at our place all week and enjoy many activities with their horses.  Youth will ride their own horse, but will also have the challenge of riding other horses during the week.  Some of our activities include: Jumping, Reining, Ranch Horse, Showmanship, Horsemanship, Vaulting, Bareback, Colt Starting, Barrels, Poles, Trail Riding, Drill Team and many more.  
2011 Horse Camp was a huge success and was also the last camp we have done.  We had 10 kids participating in camp, 17 horses, and another 8-10 adults and volunteers who helped with anything from baby sitting to helping put together our daily activies and coaching.  Some of our actitivies this year included a moon light trail ride, jumping, drill, scavendure hunt, vaulting, and other fun games!  We had a amazing group of kids who were always willing to be challenged and didn't complain even in the heat. Thank you to all of my volunteers and parents who made this year possible.  I couldn't have done it without all of the support!
I have posted this page mostly for reference and history for what we love to do which is horses and kids. Watch out you know when we may do it again and please be the first to RSVP because this is something that can't be missed.
                                                2009 Jumping Day


2009 Trail Riding Day to Celebration Park!


                                                        2009 Lets Get Wet!


2010 We got a VERY rare opportunity to help on a WORKING Ranch.



2010 Bareback & Bridless. All 5 Girls Did Amazing and were jaw dropping at week end.



2010 We rode horse down town for Milkshakes at our local Cafe'.


We are ready to go... 17 horses and 14 riders for 2011 horse camp!



Good Morning. Are we ready for another day at horse camp!



June 2012 - Carrying the American Flag for National Anthem




June 2012 - See Video - WHAT A PERFORMANCE































Our 2010 Vaulting Horse Kahlua


2010 Colt Starting. Day # 1. We had 2 colt projects in 1 week.




2010 Vaulting with Phoenix. We needed 2 horses because we just couldn't get enough.

2010 Kids Day. Local kids first ride ever. Biggest smiles in the whole WORLD.


2010 Colt Starting. Colt # 2. We started 2 colts. Both riding by Day #5


2010 We tagged 22 calves during our visit to the Ranch. So much Fun!


2011 Horse Camp Drill Team. 14 Riders and 2 Drill Sargents!



We had kids from age 16 to age 3.



If you look close we had 2 more kids sleeping in the play house.



 June 2012 Sparkles, ribbons, paint, glue, etc... THEY WERE GORGOUS



































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