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Sold Horses

Here are a few of the horses that we have sold. Please click on the link below for information and pictures.

Halo - 2003 Registered Friestain Sport Horse. 16.2 Hand Pure Black Gelding. All Around Gelding that has been there and done. Been to Preliminary Eventing, Western Dressage, and even moves cows.

Breyer - 2004 Registered AQHA Appendix Gelding. 16.1 Hands Grey Gelding. Super fun comfortable guy to ride either western or english. 

Dillion - 2001 Irish Sport Horse. 16.2 Hand Bay Gelding with 4 white stocking and big blaze. Super fancy eventer / jumper/ dressage. 

Hopsing - 2011 Appaloosa Pony Gelding. Stands 12.1 hands. Super fun very athletic Pony that can jump and has show miles.. He also has experience as a pack and trail horse and LOVES the kids. This is an honest pony with no dirty tricks. 

Flash - 2004 Registered APHA Gelding. Stands 15 hands. Beautiful Mover. Really nice laid back gelding that is training for eventing and jumpers. This guy is going to be a kids dream.

Katy-2011 Register Quarter Horse Mare. 14 hands. Started in 2015. Had a beautiful buckskin filly in the spring of 2016. Coming early spring of 2018! 

Vanilla - 2009 Cremello Mare. 15.2 Hands Quality Conformation. Proven Broodmare who is now jumping with show miles. Also is a super nice trail mare, go to www.allaroundhorsetown.com for videos and pictures.

Hottty - 2014 registered AQHA Sorrel Filly. Super cute girl started by Gablestables in October 2016. Kind and sweet personality. Bred for Reining Cow Horse.

Kiss - 2008 Registered AQHA Mare. Stands at 14.1 Hands. World Class All Around Mare. Started jumping in November but already jumping 2'9" in the show pen. Background in Ranch work and Roping. Also started on barrels. The is mare is BROKE BROKE BROKE. Finishing her reining training and she is doing amazing with any kid we put on her back no matter their experience level.

Prince - 2008 Registered Swedish Warmblood - 16.3 hands. Jumping 3'6" Jumpers and Eventing Training Level. Experienced in Drill Team and Trail Riding.

Reno - 2006 Black & White Paint Gelding. 16 Hands and GORGEOUS. All Around Horse / Ranch Horse. Sold October 2016

Bow - 1997 Registered Quarter Horse Mare. 15.2 hand Fancy Chestnut. Stocky build and pretty. Kids and Trails. Sold August 2016

Maverick - 2013 Register AQHA Gelding. 14.2 Hands Super Cute Shining Spark / Rooster Gelding. Reining. Sold August 2016

Copper - 2008 Sorrel Registered Thorobred Gelding. 16.3 hands Eventer. Sold June 2016

Max - 2009 Registered Appendix Gelding. 15.3 hands. Eventer with show miles. All around gelding with gaming and drill team experience. - Sold June 2016

Little Man - 2007 Bay registered Quarter Horse. Lots of ranch work and trail miles. Finishing his reining skills. Sold April 2016

Bella - 2001 Black and White Paint Tennessee Walker Mare. 14.3 hands. Super honest walker mare that has done 4-H and lots of Trails. Sold August 2016

Joey - 2009 Bay Hanovarian Gelding. 15.2 Hands. Eventer. Sold July 2016

Woody - 2000 Appendix Gelding. Wooding has experience both in the Western and English Disaplines. He is a very athletic horse and a gorgeous mover. He is currently leased out and now a resident of Once a Upon A Horse. For Sale or Lease. Leased for 2017

Rancher - 2010 Paint Gelding. Beginners Horse or Senior riders horse. Tons of miles and experience in everything like jumping, trails, cowboy mounted shooting - Sold October 2015

Autumn - 2000 Bay and White Paint Mare. Autumn has been used for beginners and is an excellent horse for all types of beginner riders from kids to adults. Sold March 2016

Blue - 2010 Blue Roan Applendix Gelding - 16 hands. Novice eventer and Drill team horse. Super nice guy for seniors or teens. Sold in December 2015.

Joey - 2012 registered quarter horse gelding. 14.3 hand bay. Well bred cow horse by Reminic and Smart Chic Olena. Sold in December 2015.

Timer - 2013 Registered Quarter Horse Bay Gelding. 15 hands. 30 days under saddle in June and now spending time on the ranch. Bred to be an amazing barrel horse. Sold in January 2016.

Lille - 1998 Quarter Horse Mare. 15 hands. The ULTIMATE 4H horse is right here! Sold April 2016

Zippy - 2007 Chestnut registered Quarter Horse Mare. Really nice trail, 4-H, trail challenge mare. Sold in January 2016

Marley - 2006 Registered Quarter Horse Gelding. 16.2 hands. All Around, Breed Show, 4-H, Kids. Sold in July 2014
 Patch - 2012 registered AQHA grey gelding. 13.1 hands. Cute pony sized gelding for the kids, 4-H, or Pony Club. Sold May 2015
Sparkle - 2012 Black & White Paint Mare. 14.2 hands now.. All around kids horse.... Sold June 2014

Belle - 2000 Palimino Paint Mare - 15 hands. Very smooth mover. Just finished a tune up on this lovely mare for both western and english. Sold January 2016
 Titan - 2010 Bucksin Quarter Horse Gelding. 15.1 hands now and still growing! Mounted Shooting, All around, Tack Rein, English... Sold June 2014
Lady - 2003 AQHA Mare. 14.3 hands. Reining Horse... Great Kids horse... Sold August 2013.
Cessna - 2002 Warmblood Mare. 16.3 Hands. Jumper... Great Kids / Beginner horse... Sold July 2013.
Little Bit - 1999 APHA Mare. 15.1 hands. Reining Horse. Sold in April 2009.
Magic - 2009 Draft Cross Gelding. 15 hands. Trails, 4-H, Hunting, Jumper Prospect. Sold August 2011.
Bubba - 2002 Thoroughbred Gelding. 17 hands. 3-day Eventing, Hunter, Jumper. Sold in December 2008.
Dually - 2006 Registered Irish Sport Horse. 16.3 hands. 3-day Eventing, Dressage, Hunter, Jumper, Field Hunter. Sold in June 2010.
Violet - 2004 Belgian / Warmblood Mare. 16.1 hands. 3-day eventing, hunter. Sold in July 2009.
Kaluha - 2003 Percheron Cross Mare. 16 hands. Trails, Jumping, Beginners Horse. Sold in October 2007.
Belle - 2006 APHA Mare. 14.3 hands. Reining, All Around, 4-H. Sold in February 2009.
Cheyanne - 1999 APHA Mare. 14.2 hands. 3-day eventing, All Around, 4-H. Sold in July 2008.
TC - 2005 Shire / Thoroughbred Mare. 16 hands. Trail riding. Sold in October 2008.
Tango - 2008 APHA Black & White Gelding. 15.1 hands. Started 2 year old. All around, Ranch horse, Trail horse. Sold in September 2010.
Corona - 2005 Spotted Draft Mare. 16.2 hands. Trails, Hunting, Pleasure riding. Sold in December 2010.

Wildfire - 2015 Mustang Filly. Branded Mustang off the Owyhees. She will be auctioned off at Idaho Horse Expo. Sunday April 17th. $ AUCTION $
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