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We have added a few comments from horse camp families, horse boarders, horse sellers / buyers, and tractor service customers.    Please "Contact Us" for specific reference information and direct contact information.
Horse Boarder - I kept 2 horse's at Heather & Brandon's for 4 months while my husband was working an electrical job in the area. It was the best expience my 2 horses have ever had. They left the gables fat and happy.  I enjoyed the round pen and the arena. We had a great time when we got to ride together and the free advise was awesome.
Horse Boarder - I keep my horses at the Gable's place everytime I go out of town. I have been doing this for 3 years now... I have a "special" guy who means the world to me and everytime I leave I know my boys will be taken care of with only the best and they are SAFE.  The fences are safe, the horses are well fed, and I trust the Gables with my life.
Tractor Services - We hired the Gables to level out our horse arena and disk it up.  Brandon was able to schedule us with in a day of our call. He was ontime  and did an amazing job. He is awesome with that Tractor and work quickly.  We would hire him again in a heart beat.
Tractor Services - After talking to Heather on the phone it was obvious the Gables were hired.  Brandon worked me in with in 24 hours and was able to finish a 13 hour job in just over a day. Not only did he mow, but smoothed out badger holes and made our place just look awesome.  We gave the Gables phone number to the neighbors and the next week Brandon was up at the neighbors mowing away. Thanks Guys we couldn't be happier.
Horse Buyer - Thanks for starting him so well- he is as perfect as he could be!  We went over a little cross rail  a couple of days ago- no big thing for dually at all.  I also went for a little evening bareback ride down the road last night.  He is so so great!  Thanks again!

Horse Buyer - She still seems like a dream to me and I keep wondering when I am gonna wake up and she wont be there(thats my bad dream). But I wake up every morning and I can see her from my kitchen window looking out her stall window waiting for her breakfast.

Horse Buyer - He is prefect I will never sell him.  My trainer watched me ride in my lesson the other day and commented on "what a nice mover he is".  She loves jumping him and is getting leads pretty easy now. 

Horse Buyer - I am riding every day I am off and he is doing great.  I LOVE HIM.  He nuzzles with me so I think he is starting to know me as his new mother.  My trainer keeps telling me how lucky I am to have such a nice horse.  I am buying a new saddle that helps my balance and fits him nicer. 

Youth Horse Camp - I can't tell you how much this has ment to our whole family that you would take our daughter for an entire week and help her get to know her horse.  She has comes miles in just a week.  I can't ever repay you for what you have been able to do for us.  We dropped off an old horse and a scared girl and we picked up a young horse and a very brave girl. THANK YOU.

Youth Horse Camp - Our daughter came home from camp in tears.  She couldn't believe it was over.  She absolutely had the time of her life.  Thank god for you and Brandon and all that you have done for our daughter.  You have given her something that we can't and we are forever grateful.  She is looking forward to the show in July and can't wait to get back on Millie.

Youth Horse Camp - Thank you for everything.Our daughter just finished her show season and fair.  Because of you she finished first in jumping at fair and at the show.  She is doing awesome and even won against 2 trainers.  Thank you for all your advise and help this summer.  We can't wait for next year.