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Camping & Hunting

In October we take a little time off of work and enjoy a horse ride into some of Idaho's rugged terrain. We spend a week doing some light hunting and enjoy the peaceful back country.  It seems that our trips are always full of adventure and we always seem to push the limits just a little.  Check out some of our photos below!
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                                                        2008 South Fork Trail. Completed 70 Miles and 6 River Crossings.


2008 one of our 6 river crossings on the South Fork Trail.


2008 our 2nd River Crossing. We lost our packs.


2010 Enjoying a lovely Sunset! We had been riding about 8 hours.


2010 the 3 amigos!  We did about 80 miles in one week on horse back!




2009 Our First Buck!  2 Point, We are so proud!                                                                 


2009 Overnight Hunting Trip


2009 Helping a friend pack out his elk. Tying Everything Down.


2010 Brandon & Corona Look'en for Deer. I love this picture!