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Zippy is a 2007 registered quarter horse mare. She stands at 15.1 hands. She has great breeding for barrel racing and was patterned in 2012. However the last 2.5  years Zippy has been used on the ranch, done some trail challenges, reining clinics, and has been exposed to almost everything under the sun in 2013 at the Idaho Horse Expo. Banners, speakers, busy arenas are nothing to this lovely mare. Last winter Zippy was cut but came back to work in the fall 2015. She did a 5 day trip to Stanley Idaho in September 2015. This trip included lots of trail riding, water, bridges, and very tough terrain. Zippy did a 30 day tune up for arena work in October 2015. Zippy picks up both leads, gives to the bridle, moves off leg and hand. Gorgeous mare that is be great for trails, trail challenges, 4-H, and did awesome with the kids. She is great with bareback and all kinds of trail obsticles from tarps and dragging gunny sacks. She has also been used for drill practice and has no issues with being close to other horses or in a busy arenas.  Zippy has done some small jumps in our arena at home as well as being rode by my 7 year old and my 4 year old. Zippy is great with reading the experience of her riders. She picks it up a few knotches for the advanced rider, but dials it way back for the beginners and kids. This is a great horse for a senior trail rider that wants a horse that can pack the grand kids ariound once in a while.  Zippy is owned by Sally Johnson of Mackey Idaho. Asking $4,000
Video Links

Sally and Zippy in Stanely

Sianna and Shelby playing soccer under Zippy

Sianna desensitizing Zippy
Sianna and Zippy hula hooping

Sianna and Zippy dragging a gunny sack

Zippy and Sally

Zippy looking pretty

Shelby an Zippy desensitizing day one!

Sally and Zippy trail riding in Stanely
Sianna and Shelby playing catch off of Zippy
Sianna and Zippy loping
Zippy and Sianna playing hide and seek
Sianna and Zippy loping with a tarp
Shelby putting on a rain slicker on Zippy