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Wild Fire

Wild Fire is a 2015 Mustang. She comes is branded and comes directly off the Owyhees in Idaho. She is part of a 4H program where she will be auctioned at the Idaho Horse Expo on Sunday April 17th. This fancy filly is going to be an amanazing girl for almost any type of riding. She is ready to start under saddle in 2017. She has had more handling and training that most yearlings. This gal is just awesome with anything we through at her. She has been saddled, she has been through every trail challenge in hand that we can throw at her. She takes everything in stride and wants attention. She has been trailered and hauled all over the last 2 months. She drags a gunny sack of cans like a pro and walks through water with ballons like a champ... There is no price for this filly at this time. This will be a live auction at the Idaho Horse Expo... Please bid on her... You will not be disappointed with this girl. There will be nothing to getting on her in 2017.  
Video Links

                                Wildfire crossing the water hazard

                                        Wildfire making friends

                                                        Wildfire looking beautiful

                                                                Wildfire getting shaved

                                                         Wildfire training to be a circus horse