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Reno is a super neat one of a kind Black and White 16 hand GORGEOUS paint. Reno is 10 years old and has just finished 60 days training. He was owned by an older man who had owned him his whole life but the last 2 years has not been able to ride him because of back issues. Reno's history before us was just trail riding. Reno is now walk, trot, cantering, picking up leads, moving off of leg, etc. He is rode downtown Notus every day and has been around traffic, dogs and trains. He is really nice bareback and in groups. He has been to the Owhyees and down the local canal ditch bank. Reno would be a great all around horse and would be great for 4H, ranch versatility, and many other disaplines. He is a sensitive guy and tries very hard to please his rider. Very easy to ride with not a lot of leg or hand required. Reno does need a good home and will require regular hoof care. He is shoed and is current on all vaccines and dewormer.

Sold to a wonderful family in Eagle Idaho. We hope Reno is everything more for your entire family to enjoy!


Josie and Reno riding dressage

 This is a unknown scar from when he was 2-3

Josie and Reno loping in the arena

Josie and Reno jumping

Josie and Reno Carry The American flag


Reno slide stopping

Reno closing the gate

Reno getting a bath