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 Peach is a 2016 registered buckskin mare out of Mackey Idaho.  This gorgeous mare is going to make an amazing horse for most anyone.  Peach stands at 13.2 hands right now and should mature to about 14 hands. She is a gorgeous golden buckskin color with great confirmation.  Peach was started in Eastern Idaho with 60 days under saddle as a two-year-old. She came to GABLE stables in March 2019. After six months off her first rider was our seven-year-old Kinsley.  There was no buck or fight and this mare came back as if you had been on her yesterday. Peach and Kinsley spent a few days getting to know each other but within one week jumping a few jumps at home. Check out the latest video of Sianna and Peach doing grid work and the awesome jump course at 2’6”!  We decided in early March we were going to take peach to a trail challenge play day. You just have to see the video below.. Peach did obstacles that broke, old, seasoned,  bombproof horses were not doing!  Peach is a wonderful mare  at home and away from home.  She rides alone or in groups. Peach even covered a drill team practice for us! She was great with the group and stepped up to the plate no matter what we ask of her. Peach has just finished  an entire weekend at that Idaho horse expo. You name it she saw it!  Speakers,  announcers, indoor arenas, out door arenas,  banners, chaos in the warm-up arena, spending the night in a true horse event barn and of course lots of spectators all wanting to pet her. Peach has proven herself over and over again as a very nice young prospect. Please check out all of our videos below. She is going to be an amazing horse in any direction. This mare is not only an athlete but she has a great mind. Call us and we can tell you even more about this lovely little mare. We do have a few more texting videos we can send too. Asking $5000