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Magic was draft cross gelding who stood at just over 15 hands at 2 years old. We got him from a ranch in Sisters Oregon.  In March 2011 he came to me halter broke, but newly off of the ranch with very very little human contact. However if you didn't know this about him you would think he grew up around humans.  Magic was super sweet but very respectful.  He tolerated little kids probably better than almost any colt I have ever been around.  Magic was started under saddle in July 2011.  He was rode and completely started by a 16 year old girl.  Magic was green and young, but had been nothing but perfect in every way.  He had been rode at the walk, trot, and lope, he had been rode bareback and at night, and he had been on a few trail rides. Magic was great to trim, bath, load, clip, lung, saddle, etc.  He was up to date on all vaccinations, he was sound, and had very straight legs with no scars or old injuries. He was not a spooky horse and seems very willing to check out new and interesting things. He got along with all other horses and was unconcerned with other riding buddies even ones he didn't know.  Magic had no bad habbits, had no issues or concerns, and was ready to find a great new home with almost any kind of rider.  Magic was easy to ride and would move out with little effort, but I would definately say he was on the lazier side. He did not require lunging before getting on and heading out. He was be best suited for 4-H, trails, hunting, english, jumping prospect, ranch work, roping, etc. Check out the videos and pictures below.  All videos taken July 23, 2011. New arena with a new horse.  He was a super star! 
UPDATE - August 2011. Magic was sold to a loving family in Carry Idaho. They are very excited about this new addition to their family. They will be using Magic as a kids / 4-H horse and also for dad to take hunting every fall. Congradulations on your new family member and we wish you and Magic many years of sucess!
Video Links 
Summer 2011 My pretty boy! July 23, 2011.
 Us trotting in the round pen.
Magic drinking out of a plastic cup. July 17, 2011.
Sianna brushing Magic.

                            Magics first ground poles in the big arena.


Magic getting sprayed down after riding.
Showing off our tarp skills!
Checking out this super scary pump.. He walked right up to it.
 Magic does great with the dogs and the 4-Wheeler!
                                       His other side. Isn't he handsome!
                                                  Us going the other way.
                                         He loves drinking out of the cup.
                                            Getting ready to go and ride.
                                Magic and I just hanging out in the arena.
                                       Magic drinking out of the hose.
                                                           Pretty Boy at Sunset.
                                       Afternoon Trail Ride Down the Canal Ditch Bank
                                What a Crew!  Out for a trail ride down the ditch bank.