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Katy is a 2011 registered AQHA mare. Katy is about 13.2 hands and is for the most part a bay with a hind stocking but she does have a dun dorsal stripe. She was started as a 3 year old and then rode all fall by her owner in Mackey Idaho. She spent a few days with us in the Fall of 2015 navigating some of Idaho's best trails during our annual woman's trail riding adventure. She was perfect and solid on the trail all week. In the Spring of 2016 Katy had a beautiful buckskin filly and spent the summer being a great mom on the ranch in Mackey. In the spring of 2017 Gable Stables took Katy in for training. Katy has proven herself to be an amazing athlete with tons of potential. She has a gorgeous head set and wants to lope circles with the reiners of this world. She is all business and wants to please you so bad. Not a kids horse for most kids but my 9 year old Sianna is sure loving the power and the athletic ability this small mare has to offer. Sianna is already jumping an entire show jumping course with Katy at about 2'3".  She has come along faster than most of our horses in training. Once she knows what you want she gives you 110%. Katy can be a little unsure of herself with tarps and other noisy things like a gunny sack or a rope that whistles but we have easily gotten her to trust us and she will literally try anything we ask of her. Katy is doing great with Parelli games and anything ground work related. She opens gates, side passes, moves hips and shoulders, does ditches and water obstacles as well as an up / down bank. Katy has crossed tarps and our mattress. She does have a nice spin and is doing great with her stops.  Katy went to the Idaho Horse Expo's Blue Ribbon Horse Sale April 21,22,and 23. She didn't skip a beat, whether we were asking her to take on the Extreme Cowboy Race obstacles after the event took place or show off her stuff in a noisy indoor arena. Then, on April 30th, Katy went to Mittleider Eventing in Kuna, Idaho to school their wonderful cross country course at a beginner-novice level. She was confident and shocked all of us with her willingness to do anything we asked her. From banks and water to coops and cabins she was game for it all. 

Congrats to Laurie of Boise Idaho on your purchase of this amazing mare. Sold July 2017

Katy at Bella Canyon

Katy's AQHA Papers

Katy and Sianna wrangling up the cows in Sweet, Idaho