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Hottt Silk

Hottt Silk is a super cute registered Quarter Horse filly. She was started under saddle by Gablestables in October of 2016. She did great and was a super easy horse to start. Very kind and willing but also very calm and smart.. Hottty with only 3 weeks of training was picking up her leads at the lope, had a gorgeous soft face and frame, stops on a dime, moves honches, and also has a small start to the spin. She has been out on our cross country course which includes ditches, down / up banks, logs, and water. She is AWESOME... Color is as color does! This one will wow all and is the farthest from plane jane as they come! Hottt has been amazing with the kids and anything they ask of her. She is not phased by anything and will be a huge asset to almost any rider level! There is nothing that phases her and she has taken to training as if she was already broke! This mare is going to take you to the show pen and be easy to get there whether you are wanting a reining cow horse, ranch versitilty, or something else she is a doll with potential written all over her. After training Hottt did a ranch horse versatility clinic in Baker City the end of October. She was the star that weekend doing obsticles that only the brokest horses would dare do. This spring Hottt is doing great at home with her older amateur owner. They are riding daily either out on the trails or in the arena. Hottt will be coming back to Gablestables the first of April for a tune up before the Idaho Horse Expo on April 21st. Coggins, This is a great mount for young or old riders looking for an easy going fun horse that can go to the show pen or just go down the trail.  Health Certificate, Dental, shoes are all done! Take her home today! This girl is going to be a ranch horse versatility queen!  Hottt is owned my Jan Meeks of Star Idaho.

Congratulations Frerichs Family!