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Hopsing (named after the cook on Bonanza) is a 6 year old appaloosa pony gelding standing at 12.1 hands. He has been with us at Gable Stables since October 2016 and is an amazing jumper and eventer. He is also a cute mover with lots to offer both in dressage and jumping; he can REALLY jump. Sianna is already jumping 2 foot 9" courses at home. Hopsing did his first jumper show at 2'3 and 2'6 in November 2016, then he stepped his game up and they took 1st place at the December 2'6" class and another 1st at the Feb. 2'3" jumper class. He was amazing in the warmup and through out the entire show because he did not spook and ignored the other horses. The end of October we decided to go to a Halloween playday and of course Hopsing was the star of the show; see the super cute rescue race video below. Hopsing is perfect for kids at all levels because he adores them and loves to be ridden or groomed.  Hopsing does have experience with packing and trail riding as well as kids, pony rides, and now jumping and dressage. Hopsing is super honest and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He loves the kids and they can jump on him and ride him around without any tack on him in the pasture. In March 2017 we traveled to California and Nevada for a family vacation with Hopsing and a few other horses. Our trip included fox hunting in Reno, Nevada, an ocean ride on the Morro Bay Coast, and 3 different cross country course facilities all over California. Hopsing was amazing through out the entire trip and with his rider only being 5 years old we couldn't have asked for a better pony! Hop and Kinsley even lead the other horses over alot of the new cross country jumps. He will jump anything! Check out the videos below you will laugh at how adorable Kinsley and Hopsing are together. This is a great pony at a great price, asking $8,000

Congratulations to the new owners of Hopsing!

Sianna and Hopsing in the Owyhees


                                                                              The Barrel Jump                            
                                                                   Twin River's Ranch Bear Jump
                                                      The Chevron Jump at Fresno County Horse Park
                                                                         The Brown Log                                                               
                                                                               Over the ditch
                                                                                   Down the hill

Down we go!

The Log Jump

                                            Kinsley and Hopsing pushing the cows around in Sweet, Idaho