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2003 registered Friesian sport horse. 16.2 Hand PURE black gelding. Been there done that both English and Western. Halo has been all the way up to Preliminary Eventing at about 8 years old. This last summer he went all over Oregon and Washington competing in Western Dressage. Halo does great on trails and is a very experience mount for moving cows and riding bareback. Owner is not using him to his potential and would love to find an amazing home for him that could use him more. Currently Halo is at Gablestables for a tune up over fences and to compete in the local winter jumping series. The kids love him to pieces and despite his big build even the 6 year old Kinsley can control him and jump him with ease. Super fun horse to ride and easy on the eyes (gorgeous), hands (light in the mount), and legs (light to leg aids).

Congratulations to Laurie & Kirk of their purchase of Halo in January 2018!