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Belle is a 2000 gorgous palimino overo paint mare. She has been used for 4-H, playdays, and jumping but her owner went off to college so Belle has been sitting a few years. Gablestables just finished a 60 day tune up on her and she is ready to go back to the show pen or down the trails. Belle is very light in the mouth and to leg. She frames and gives to the bridle extremely well. She is jumping 2'3" at home on our course and in the show pen and is doing great over fences. She is one of the smoothes horses to ride in all 3 gaits. She picks up both leads, moves off of leg and sidepasses very easily. She would be great as a move up horse but may be a little too goey for a beginner.  She has done great with both of my kids 7 and 4 years old but my kids do know how to ride. She is consistantly rode at home and at the indoor arena by my 4 year old and my 7 year old has been showing her once a month in jumping.  Belle can be inpatient if left tied to the trailer by herself but if she has a horse buddy or human buddy with her she is just fine. She does not pull back she just wants to paw. Belle can be unsure of horses she doesn't know. She will swing her tail and pen her ears if they get too close. We have been riding her all winter in crowded arenas and she is ok and controlable by even my 4 year old but she does need a rider who can give her some space in crowded situations. She is gorgeous under saddle and very easy to ride. We have not has any issues with spookiness and when we first started jumping her, she didn't refuse to jump anything even the first time over it. On the trail she has been great as well and was good in the back and in the front. She has been in mud puddles and recently we took her in the river without any issues. Belle is up to date on all vaccines and dewormer, hooves are trimmed, she loads, bathes, clips, ties, hauls, etc. Please feel free to call Heather at 208-602-1213 with any questions about Belle.

Sold Janurary 2016 to French Hill Farms. Good luck with this gorgeous mare!

Video Links

Bell and Shelby soaring

Belle & Sianna - Winter Jumper Series

Belle pulling the kids on the sled!

Eagle Island playing in the River

                                                             Sianna and Bell flying

Sierra and Bell

Belle & Sianna Jumping at Jumping Show

Eagle Island in the River