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Bella is a 15 year old super cute Black and White paint Tennessee walking horse cross. Bella stands at about 14.3 hands. She has been trail rode and has been used as a 4-H project horse the last 2 years. Bella requires no shoes but does require medication for cushing which is 30 dollars a month.. This is less than a pair of shoes for a normal horse!  She is ready and willing to do anything from trail riding to jumping 2'3 jumps. She carries a flag and has done great at drill practice. Bella loves to go and loves to be rode. This lovely mare is not spooky at all but can have a little bit of a "go" button. However her brake are great too. She easily neck reins and would be great for someone with back issues or other issues that would require a smooth horse.

Sold in August 2016! Congrats to Terry and his daughter!