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Sparkle was a Christmas present to the whole family in December 2013...Sparkle is a very cute black and white paint filly who turned 2 in March 2014... She is not registered, but we bought her directly from her breeder... 2 dark eyes and dark skin around her eyes. She stands at 14.1 hands. She is doing awesome on the ground and riding... We started riding her the end of Feb. and she is just a super nice filly for the whole family. She is just awesome with the kids on the ground and on her back.  We have taken her to the Owyhee mountains this spring for a few good trail rides and we are thrilled. Goat trails, creeks, puddles, hills, rocks, etc.. She hasn't missed a beat.  Took her with some friends and did about 4 hours and some very difficult trails... Wow she was great for Heather and kept up with the other very broke horses. Doing very well in the arena walk, trot, lope, picking up leads, giving to the bridle and moving off of leg... Heather has her going tack rein now... Sparkle is already super BROKE and I can't say enough about her attitude and deminer around the kids.. Both Sianna and Kinsley are riding and enjoying Sparkle on trails and in the arena. This one is special!
Video Links
Sparkle Arena Work - June 2014
June 2014 - What a pretty Girl!
Christmas 2013 - Sparkle was a Christmas present to the whole family
Sparkle and Kinsley Spring 2014 - Gettin some Lovin!
 Spring Break 2014 - Camping in the Owyhee Mountains
June 2014 - Sparkle with the clippers. She is awesome even with her ears!
 June 2014 - The girls just love Sparkle and she would stand here all day for them.


June 2014 - Sparkle showing off her beautiful markings.
 Christmas 2013 - Sparkle would follow the girls all over the pasture

Spring 2014 - Sianna and Sparkle Bareback - See Video



Spring 2014 - Riding with friend - Some serious goat trails, creeks, rocks, hills 


  June 2014 - Sparkle getting a bath. She is so patient with the kids.