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Ruby is a 2009 Draft Cross mare. Her dad was a 16 hands bay paint draft cross and her mom was a registered Morgan. Ruby stands 15 hands and is a beautiful bright red bay color. She came to us from Plumber, Idaho in 2014. Ruby found her partner in crime with Sianna in 2014. Wow they were quite the pair! She is all business and has a heart of gold. She wants to please you so bad and doesn't say no to anything. Point and shoot jumper that Sianna is already jumping over 4 foot.  Kinsley started to show and jump Ruby in November 2016. She is honest and reliable as they come. Ruby has absolutely no spookiness to her. She is a huge athlete but also can have a pretty big engine.

In 2016 Sianna and Ruby did Drill Team with KateLynn and Heather. Ruby and Sianna were the talk of competition and a huge asset to the team. Sianna was the youngest drill team member in completion at the age of 8. Our drill team season ended with a championship even against a California team. Ruby also was part of the Snake River Stampede Sponsor flag presentation every night of the Snake River Stampede. What a YEAR and what a HORSE is all we can say!

Ruby is expecting Spring 2018. Sire is the registered Dutch Warmblood, Fijn. Ruby had a beautiful baby girl on 4/13/18. NavaDee is amazing and we love this beautiful chestnut with flaxen mane and tail. 

In 2019 kinsley had a great summer with Ruby. We did another season of drill team and we had a great time at some local shows doing very well at 1.0 meter and 3’3”. She placed in every class and won money both spring and fall at the Boise Saddle and Jump Club shows. Ruby is super quick and can turn and jump on a dime but she is also clean and rarely takes a rail. Ruby also was very helpful at home teaching 2 students how to jump and also giving weekly lessons to a wonderful older Austistic man who loves Ruby with all his heart. 

It is time that we let someone else be able to enjoy Ruby and all she has to offer our young or old riders who can appreciate a sensitive but amazing ride. Ruby has taught both my kids everything they know from x rails to 4 foot. She never spooks and is Never Mariah. She is solid in every way, shape, and form. Vet checks welcome! 

Congratulations to Kristina, Andrew, Kiera, and Hailey
Video Links

Sianna and Ruby - Fall 2014

Sianna and Ruby - summer 2015

Sianna and Ruby - summer 2015

Sianna and Ruby Drill Team summer 2016

Sianna and Ruby - Fall 2015

Sianna at Training level cross country - Fall 2015

Idaho Horse Expo with Kinsley Spring 2019

Gathering cows Spring 2019

Ruby and Kinsley spring 2019 moving cows

Moving cows in sweet Idaho - spring 2019

Drill Team With Kinsley Spring 2019

2018 with baby NavaDee at Keuring

2018 Filly NavaDee - Ruby’s Filly 

Ruby Pregnant with NavaDee - April 2018

2018 - 2 days past due with NavaDee

Fall 2014 - Hunting

Sianna and Ruby cross country 2015

Sianna and Ruby 2015

Sianna and Ruby 2016 Idaho City Rodeo

Sianna and Ruby summer 2016 Drill Team

Sianna and Ruby Fall 2015

Sianna and Ruby - Enterprise OR- Training Level

Ruby and her 2018 Filly NavaDee at Kuering