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Retro is a 2014 registered quarter horse gelding. He is a cute little sorrel with all four white stockings. Retro loves the kids and learning new things. We put a kids saddle on him in March and he did great!  We started him on the 1st of July and he has been amazing!!! He clips, ties, bathes, and is a peach for the farrier. We have rode him bareback and western, and have even taken him over banks at the "Idaho Horse Park". He is extremely brave and willing to try new things he has impressed all of us with his talent. He is a very fast learner and is always wanting to please you. We have even taken him over some cross rails for fun. So far we have roped off of him, taken him to town, taken him on trail rides by himself and with groups and we have also ponied other horses off of him.

We can't wait to see what he can do in the next couple years but we are taking it slow until he is more mature.

Karen and Retro doing Archery!