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2010 Black and White Paint Gelding. Rancher is 15.1 hands and a minimal white paint gelding. He has a small spot on his rump and some white in the top of his trail. He has 4 tall white stocking and some white hairs on his face. Both dark eyes and dark around his eyes. We do not have papers, but we were given his breeding information on the stud and the mare.

Rancher has been with gablestables since March 2014. Rancher has been one of our most valuable horses and has a great horse for the entire family the last 2 years. Rancher has been our "go to" horse in every disapline under the sun. In 2014 Rancher went to a reining clinic with Heather, went to a trail challenge with Brandon, and was started over jumps with Sianna. Ranch also had a month of profession cowboy mounted shooting training by a 3 time national champion.

Over last winter Rancher was asked to jump and was successfully shown and jumped 3 foot 3" by KateLynn. He completed at all 4 winter jumper series and was amazing for KateLynn. 

This summer it was decided that Rancher would now be our beginners and kids horse... Kinsley took Rancher over in April 2015 and has spent all summer on him just having a ball! Kinsley (4 years old) started jumping Rancher in July and holly cow you won't believe how awesome they are together. Rancher is so honest and will jump anything for Kinsley. Rancher not only was a great horse for our youngest daughter, but he was Katelynn's lesson horse all summer. He has been the best beginners horse I have ever had the pleasure of being around.

 June 2014 - Ranch is ready for summer fun!
Spring Break 2014 - Camping in the Owyhee Mountains (left)
Katelynn and Rancher soaring
June 2014 - Gorgeous Boy with the cutest ears in the world!
Spring 2014 - Enjoying a great campfire with the horses
Katelynn and Rancher flying