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Phoenix is a 15.3 Hand 1996 Quarter Horse Cross Gelding.  He actually belongs to my aunt, but we have been borrowing him so much that I thought I would dedicate a page to him.  Phoenix has been used in the 4-H program and is a great trail horse. We have also used Phoenix at horse camp in the past for a vaulting horse. We have been using Phoenix and in trade my aunt has been using Lady this year for one of her grand daughter's 4-H horse. Sianna has really enjoyed this gentle giant and he is teaching her alot about turning, stopping, and getting a horse to listen to her.  He has been a pleasure to have around and he deseves a spot on our website as he is an awefully special guy!

Video Links

 2011 Vaulting



                                                                             Spring 2011 - Phoenix & Sianna
                                                                 Summer 2011 - Phoenix is a great vaulting horse!
                                                                        Spring 2011 - Sianna is in love with Phoenix
                                                                    Summer 2011 - What a good boy to put up with us!