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Brandon and Heather were married in 2003 and decided to join Idaho Foster Parent Program the same year.  We enjoyed many foster childern in our home ranging in ages 5 to 17 years old. In 2008 our family welcomed our oldest daughter Sianna and in 2011 we were blessed with a second daughter Kinsley. We also have a beautiful step daughter, Cheyanne, who visits us from Montana. In the summer of 2014 we were blessed with a 17 year old cousin, KateLynn, who now lives with us full time. Our entire family has been equine enthusists for most of our lives.
Heather grew up in McCall Idaho and joined 4-H at 10 years old. She started showing in eventing and reining at 11 years old.  Heather Competed at the World Championship Horse Show 4 times as a youth rider.  She was a finalist at the AQHA Worlds Horse Show in 1999.  Heather also spent some of her senior year of high school riding and showing in Pebble Beach California.  In 2008, Heather sold one of her beloved reining horses who has now been a finalist at the APHA World Championship Show in 2009 and 2010. Heather still enjoys the show pen, but has found that her passion seems to be more for training horses and working with youth riders. Once a year Heather hosts a youth horse camp for free. Heather also enjoys the challenge of a younger project horse once in a while. Click "Heather" for more pictures.
Brandon grew up in the Boise Idaho area.  He got his first pony at about the age of 5.  Brandon's family enjoyed many family vaccations camping with their horses. Brandon is a great trail rider and has spent every summer aboard an equine scouting out the hills and enjoying the quiet landscaping that a great trail ride can provide.  Brandon and Heather share the work of starting young colts.  We also do alot of work for our free horse camp every summer and our continued support of these young riders. Brandon and Heather also do a big hunting trip every fall with some of our best horses.  Click "Brandon" for more pictures.
Our step daughter Cheyanne has grown up with horses on a ranch in Montana and comes to visit us in the summer.  She is an amazing rider and loves anything to do with horses.  She is in the local 4-H program and enjoys barrel racing and cow horse events. Cheyanne competed in 2015 at the national High School Rodeo Finals in both barrels and cow horse. She also helps in Montana with lots of colt starting for her family and in 2015 finished a colt to maturity project for 4-H. She is a joy have around and we can't wait for her to come visit so we have an excuse to spend more time with her and the horses. Click "Cheyanne" for more pictures and video links.
Heather's cousin KateLynn came to stay with us for a summer job in June of 2014 and is now a perminant resident. She is loving anything and everything to do with horses. She is amazing with our kids and is is now doing her own beginner horse lessons. She is jumping and helping with colt starting. She competed in 2015 and 2016 in 3 day eventing Novice level and started or helped start over12 horses just this last 2 years. She is a huge asset to the family in everyway shape and form.
Our daughter, Sianna, started riding by herself at the early age of 2 years old. She absolutely loves the horses and loves to ride.  She is a super star on YouTube, but don't tell her.  Sianna's is really enjoying the jumping and her horse's name is Ruby. Ruby and Sianna are a great pair together and we can't wait to see where they go. In 2015 Sianna and Ruby took to the show pen in jumping and is amazing people all over the valley. She is already jumping and competing at over 3 foot. Now in 2016 she is jumping and showing Ruby at 4 foot. She is a rider to be "reckoned" with and is now starting to learn how to jump a horse while standing... SCARY is all mom and dad have to say but watch out all she is amazing! Check out the links because we added a few pictures and video links that are way too cute!. Click "Sianna" for more pictures.
Kinsley is a spitfire! Wow she is a cowgirl! I swear half the time I end up pulling her off the horse with tears even after 3 hours. She wants so bad to keep up with big sister and pushes herself to the brink!  Kinsley started jumping in 2015 and is already jumping 2' 7"  with just the bareback pad. In 2016 Kinsley finally was able to start showing. Ogden she did Intro and and Enterprise she competed in the mini division. She is doing amazing and can't get enough horse time. She taking over our horse Picasso and boy they rock it! Click here for pictures of Kinsley
We have included a few family pictures below.
2009 Oregon Coast. What a wonderful ocean ride!
2009 Summer Time Swim and Trail Ride to Celebration Park.
2008 Sianna and Brandon Hanging out with TC


2010 Sianna & Cheyanne riding at Horse Camp together

                    2009 Summer Time Nap. Sianna is So CUTE!
                2009 Hunting Trip Near Council Idaho.We had a blast camping out.

2010 Last Day of Horse Camp. Cheyanne riding Lady Bareback & Bridless.

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