Dually was a 2006 Registered Irish Draught Sport Horse Gelding.  He was 16.3 hands.  Dually was a fantastic athlete with a very smart willing attitude.  We started Dually in the spring of 2009 and he was one of the easiest colts we have ever started. Brandon and I used Dually as our trail riding and hunting horse in 2009.  He did awesome and even packed out 1/2 an elk plus Brandon.  Dually was amazing on the trail and wonderful with the gun... In 2010 we put some more miles on Dually in the arena and started him over a few cross rails.  Such an amazing horse with that athletic ability that we dream of.... We sold Dually in the summer of 2010 to a wonderful home. He will continue to be used on the trail and in the mountains, but will also continue his training in 3-day eventing, hunters, and jumpers.  Dually was sold to a first time horse owner who has waited decades to finally own her own horse. We are so happy with his new home and can't wait for updates on his progress. 
UPDATE - Just wanted to check in!  Well, I bit the bullet and bought a western saddle for trail riding today!  It will be much used!  I am still so excited- every ride gets a little better for me and Dually.  My trainer was VERY impressed with Dually's bloodlines when I showed her his papers.  I still would have wanted him without that though:)  He is very happy and playful with his pasture-mate and is so kind under saddle.  Thanks for starting him so well- he is as perfect as he could be!  We went over a little cross rail  a couple of days ago- no big thing for dually at all.  I also went for a little evening bareback ride down the road last night.  He is so so great!  Thanks again!  I haven't gotten my trainer to take any  pics/videos of me riding, but i'll send some soon. I wish you a speedy recovery with your surgery- talk to you later"

December 2009 Sianna and Heather Sledding in our Drive way!




September 2009 Dually Did GREAT with the Little Ones!

May 2010 Clipped Up and Clean Up. What a Hansome Boy!


August 2009 Oregon Coast Trip.


                                    October 2009 Overnight Hunting Trip.