Corona was a 2005 16.2 hand black & white spotted draft cross mare.  Amish bred mare who came to us all the way from Michigan.  Corona was broke to ride and had been started on her basic driving.  Corona was very willing and smart.  She was very kind and wanted to please.    Our summer consistened of some round pen and arena work, but lots of trail rides.  We even did a little grid work at the end of the summer.  She was still green at the canter, but was doing very well picking up her leads. We were thrilled with her manners and her willingness to learn new things. Corona loads, hauls, clips, baths and is great with her feet. She had never offered to buck, rear, pull back or do anything remotely dangerous. She had been great with an inconsistant riding schedule and acts like you were just on her yesterday. She is going to be a really nice horse. Corona had great conformation, straight legs, no soundness issues, and no scars or blemishes.  She was not marish at all and is great around all other horses. She was lower on the pecking order, never showed any signs of cranky around humans or other horses. She is gentle and respectful on the ground. 
Hunting Camp 2010 - Corona was amazing the entire week at hunting camp.  We did about 80 miles over the week on horse back. Corona did very well leading our team, ponying our pack horse, and carrying the scabard.  She is not a spooky horse at all and seemed very at home no matter what the terrain was like.  She was slow and careful up and down steep hills and was sure footed the entire week. Corona did great with things like creeks, hills, and even breaking off branches and moving through very thick brush. She was absolutely a pleasure to have as part of our team and we couldn't have been happier. A few other videos and pictures of our trip can be found on our Hunting Camp page.  Check it out!
Sledding 2010 - In December we recieved a little snow and decided to pull Siannas sled behind Corona.  She was amazing.  It took us not more than 5 minutes and we were off and rolling.  She didn't make a bad step the entire day.  What an amazing family day and thanks to Corona it was very enjoyable with not a worry in the world. 
UPDATE: Corona was sold to a local family who plan to enjoy Corona's talents as a hunting horse and trail riding partner. However they plan on letting the kids put a few more arena miles on her and get her conditioned for all kinds of fun come summer time. I wish this family many year of happy trails and hopefully a partnership that will last forever. Congradulations on your new addition to your family and we can't wait to see how you guys are doing!

July 2010 Quick photos of Corona. We didn't even clean her up!

July 2010 Oh so pretty!


October 2010. Corona doing a great job ponying Marley!


July 2010. Sianna & Corona. How Cute!


October 2010. Brandon and Corona Look'en for Deer!


October 2010. Corona really did amazing for us. She is such a sweet mare!


December 2010. Corona pulling Sianna & Heather in the Sled.