Cessna is a 2005 Thoroughbred / Draft Cross Mare. She is a dark brown 16.3 hand mare and has come to us from Rexburg Idaho. Cessna has a good start under saddle and we have truly enjoyed putting time on her this past year.  She is doing awesome with neck reining, moving off of leg, giving to the bridle, picking up her leads, etc. Cessna has been rode bareback, is doing great jumping over a 2 foot 6 course, and she is just fantastic with the kids. She is a pretty sensitive horse and has alot of endurance. Cessna is such a pleaser and will do anything to make her rider happy.  Sianna can easily rider her in the round pen and in the arena, but she is all business when Brandon steps in the saddle.Cessna was amazing during hunting season and did fantastic with a short pack trip to carry out a deer. Brandon and I have started mounted shooting this fall and Cessna has been doing very well accepting the gun... We are very excited to see where we can go with this new hobby... Cessna is a dream come true for our family. We are very happy with this mare and can't wait to see where we are going to be able to go with her. 
Video Links
 Cessna May 2011


Cessna with her English outfit on! What a beauty!


Cessna hangin out with Sianna & Josie. October 2011



Cessna & Cheyanne. Horse Camp Drill Tream 2011



 June 2012 - National Anthem Routine - See video on Horse Camp Page.






















January 2011 Cessna Learning How to Bow



Cessna in her western saddle. Pretty in Blue.




 Our Great Dane, Bailey, is in love with Cessna. See Video Above!



Cessna & Josie winning their FIRST trophy. Way to go girls!


June 2012 - I had to show the decoration. Holy cow did they SHINE!



 May 2012 - Cessna & Heather Cross Country Jumping